Destiny 2 Streamer Shoves Dog Into Fridge, Faces Immediate Backlash From Internet

A Destiny 2 streamer who goes by GsxrClyde online has landed himself in hot water after a clip of him shoving his dog into a mini-fridge started doing the rounds on social media.

GsxrClyde put out a “best of” compilation on YouTube on January 3, celebrating the New Year with some of his favourite Twitch clips of 2021. Bizarrely, and other users were quick to point this out, the compilation included a snippet of the streamer pushing his dog, Thor, into a fridge. Not exactly a moment to be proud of.

Before we go on, take a look at some of the best livestream wins and fails below!

In the clip, which you can see below, Thor is peering over GsxrClyde’s shoulder and sniffing curiously at a camera harness. It’s at this point that the streamer shoves the dog back against the minifridge. “You’re pissing me off,” he says to his pet before calling him a “stupid f**k”.

Obviously, this hasn’t gone down well with the internet, with many users calling out GsxrClyde for his needlessly aggressive reaction.

“This is the bullish nature we don’t need in our community,” one critic remarked. “The fact he’s calling others out now for this video & doubling down is all we should need to know about him.”

“Some people don’t deserve dogs. This is one of them,” added another. “What an asshole.”

GsxrClyde has since issued something of a non-apology. While he notes that the offending clip making its way into the 2021 compilation was totally his fault, he reasons that because nobody noticed the original clip at its original time of broadcast, we shouldn’t be bothered by it now. Um… that’s probably not the winning defence he thinks it is.

“The problem is, why people are mad about it, is that it was in a highlight video of 2021. It’s my fault, I didn’t look at the video. It’s not the editor’s fault, it’s no one’s fault,” the streamer said. “It’s my fault, but that clip has been on Twitch. When it happened, no one said a damn word.

“If they thought it was wrong, they would have clipped it and they would have put it exactly on twitter right away. That’s what would’ve happened, when it happened, and I would totally understand this on a different level. But, it just didn’t. It just sat there, and people just witch-hunted it.”


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