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My 3ds is long past its prime, I know. Booted it up a few days ago because I wanted to poke around and see if I can download a few games before the inevitable. I replaced the Factory SD card(with 2 gb of storage) that came with the 3ds when I bought it with a brand new micro Sd card /w microSd card adapter so I can have more space to download games, but my original 3ds didn’t read it. Looked online at their help section and it told me to format the sd card. I did, and attached it back to the 3ds. nothing.

I resolve to delete what paltry games I have to be able to buy Brain Age Concentration Training to round out my 3DS catalogue. It works great for three sessions(today too). I poke around on my 3ds further to see if I can find some other games that I may have not noticed and past me downloaded swap*oodle. I open swap*oodle and go through the tutorial. The shop opens up(Red pen now available! New frames available! get it here at the store for free!) and as I press the purchase button the system errors hard. Black screens and “error: hold power button to shut off.” and so on. Confused, I turn off my 3ds and turn it back on. Everything is cheery and stuff again. Relieved, I press the system application and the 3ds blackscreens error pops up once again. This time I freak out and check to see if it does this without going online. I flip the internet switch on the side and voila, the whole thing doesn’t blackscreen on me when offline.

I have never used a malicious program on my 3ds for all of it’s fun life and hope that this thing that happened at a whim didn’t shatter my ability to do anything with it for the rest of it’s aging lifecycle. HELP. I tried connecting to my Nintendo account to literally do anything with it but nothing.


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