Did a man REALLY flip the bird at Joe Biden? Internet jokes he ‘has higher approval rating’

If it wasn’t enough of a controversy that President Joe Biden is spending thanksgiving at a millionaire’s home in Nantucket, there’s now reports meeting one angry local decided to flip the bird at him. While no footage of the incident exists, it’s now making waves across the internet and becoming the latest subject for anti-Biden memes and trolls.

The President is facing collapsing approval rating, despite recently signing into law his signature infrastructure bill. At the top, there are rumors of a fight with Vice President Kamala Harris, followed by his repeated gaffes that have left White House staff red-faced and clueless. There’s also the economic crisis, which recently forced the net to blame Biden for Dollar Tree’s 25% price hike. 


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Needless to say, not everyone’s happy with the administration. Reuters latest poll puts his approval rating at 44%, while USA Today estimated it to be at around 38%. It’s already inspired movements like ‘F–k Joe Biden’ and ‘Let’s Go Brandon’, but on November 25, one Nantucket resident decided to take a more direct approach to show off his feelings.

Did Biden really get flipped?

On November 25, the President’s motorcade was making its way around the island when one resident reportedly flipped the bird. No video or photo footage of the incident was available, but it was reported by White House pool reporter Zolan Kanno-Youngs. who writes for the New York Times. He wrote he “did spot one gentleman standing on his porch giving the middle finger to the presidential motorcade as we neared the coast guard station.”

But not everyone was so blunt. Some cheered for Biden and even gave a thumbs up. The President left the home of private equity billionaire David Rubenstein to meet with sailors at the New England Coast Guard station on the island. He presented Coast Guard members with challenge coins. “I’m not joking when I say I’m thankful for these guys – I’m thankful for them, and everybody, I mean it from the bottom of my heart,” he told those present. 

President Joe Biden shakes hands with members of the US Coast Guard in Nantucket on November 25, 2021. (Nandita Bose via Twitter)


But of course, that wasn’t the story that got people talking. Instead, everyone seemed more focused on the man who flipped Biden. 

‘Nantucket Man is all of us’

“The man in Nantucket who gave Joe Biden the middle finger today has a higher approval rating than Joe Biden,” one person joked. Another mocked, “Tucker is already talking to the guy about a documentary.” Another broke into poetry, tweeting, “There once was a man from nantucket… Who saw Brandon and told him to _______.” Another said, “Nantucket Man is all of us (or at least the majority).”






“Biden was greeted on Nantucket with residents standing on their porches giving him the middle finger. So deserved,” one person commented. Another joked, “He was telling Joe he’s number 1.” Another dryly said, “I can only assume this means he has been labeled a domestic terrorist and the DOJ has launched a full investigation.”





This isn’t the first time Biden’s been greeted with the finger. Back in September, residents of New Jersey heckled the President and reportedly gave him the middle finger on his trip there. Then in October, angry protestors chanted “F–k Joe Biden” when he was interacting with children at a Connecticut playground. 

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