Did Jared Leto cut off his hand? Crazy internet hoax fools fans

American actor and musician Jared Leto is known for his use of method acting but a crazy internet hoax recently suggested that he cut off his hand with hopes to be cast in a particular role.

While the 30 Seconds to Mars artist did not actually sever his own body, he is seen as a risk-taking method actor having carried out some extremities in preparation for previous movie characters.

Find out all about the satirical news that left fans in debate online and learn about Leto’s past performance techniques. 

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No, Jared Leto didn’t cut off his hand

An article by Mark Roebuck was published via Hard Drive news site on 7th April 2022 titled “Jared Leto lops off hand hoping to be cast as Revolver Ocelot in upcoming Metal Gear movie.”

The story falsely suggests that “Leto’s latest extreme devotion to his acting career has seen him voluntarily sever his own hand in an effort to get himself cast as Revolver Ocelot in the upcoming Metal Gear Solid movie.”

Hard Drive then claims to quote the Morbius actor, jokingly implying that he was holding a “wadded up dish towel to his bleeding stump” while speaking of his method-acting technique.

Over on Instagram, @harddrivenews also shared details of the satire news story and used an edited image of Jared Leto with a bandaged hand.

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This is in fact a crazy internet hoax and although Jared Leto did not cut off his hand, he is a method actor known for using risk-taking techniques.

Crazy internet hoax fools fans

While the comment section of the article contains a lot of fans in disbelief, the story did seem to fool a few people.

In a Reddit thread discussing the Hard Drive article, a user named boysetsfire1988 commented to confirm that “this is satire.”

Another reader (@BpmSurfer) took to Twitter questioning whether Jared Leto actually cut off his hand or not.

Another fan named @TheChiScroller stated that Leto would deserve the part if the false information was true:

“As much as I don’t want Leto anywhere near the #MetalGearSolid movie, he’d kind of deserve the part if he did this. Fair is fair.”

Extreme method acting examples

It is not unlike Leto to use extreme method acting techniques and his performance preparation has come under fire in the past.

He previously sent controversial ‘gifts’ to his fellow Suicide Squad cast members including anal beads, Playboy magazines and even a dead rat to try and better understand the mind of the Joker, as per The Independent reports.

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Jared Leto seems he seems to have taken this to a whole new level during his time portraying Dr. Morbius in the 2022 action and adventure film.

The 50-year-old actor plays a biochemist who accidentally infects himself with an ancient form of vampirism and the film’s director, Daniel Espinosa spoke with Uproxx and confirmed that Leto would even stay in character between takes.

Michael Morbius had been so weakened by this rare blood condition that he often required crutches and the method actor would remain in character the entire time on set. He would reportedly even use his crutches to “slowly limp to go to the bathroom.”

Although the recent news involving Leto’s hand is satirical, many fans agree that this could potentially be believable if it were true.

A Reddit user named MReprogle said they “could totally see him doing this.”

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