Dr Disrespect announces 49ers NFL draft pick and the internet loves it

Streaming star Dr Disrespect got to announce an NFL draft pick for his beloved San Francisco 49ers, and it’s safe to say the internet loved it as well. 

Just like many other big-name streamers, Dr Disrespect has crossed over into the mainstream on plenty of occasions. The former Twitch star has appeared on Jimmy Kimmel’s late-night show, but it’s sporting events where he really thrives.

The Two-Time, who played basketball in college, has been a regular at the NBA Finals and NBA All-Star weekend over the last few years and even had his music played at a few games.

Though, he’s not just limited to basketball, as he’s also gotten involved with the NFL too, with his hometown San Francisco 49ers calling on him to make a pick during the 2022 draft in Las Vegas.

Dr Disrespect in Niners jersey at NFL game
Twitter: DrDisrespect

The Doc has made a habit of appearing at big time sporting events.

That’s right, The Doc was one of the unique announcers for his team’s picks this year, as he got to go on stage during the third round and announce the selection of running back Tyrion Davis-Price.

Of course, the Two-Time added his own flair to the announcement, dropping his signature “Yayayayaya” and echoing his own words just as he does on stream.

While the broadcast team, and clearly some of the audience, were a bit confused by his presence, there were plenty of others who couldn’t believe that Dr Disrespect had made a selection in the draft.

Former NFL punter Pat McAfee, who is a self-admitted “big fan” of the Two-Time, posted a simple tweet calling The Doc a “legend” for making a pick. Niners superstar tight end George Kittle one-upped McAfee’s compliment, calling the streamer “king” for his involvement.

“Dr. Disrespect giving himself an echo is the highlight of day 2 for me,” said one fan. “Still can’t believe they got the Two-Time to announce a pick,” added another. 

While the later rounds of the draft aren’t watched by as many fans as the all-important first round, The Doc’s announcement has made waves across social media, with clips of the moments racking up hundreds of thousands of views.

If Davis-Price turns out to be a star for the Niners, well, they might just have to bring the Two-Time back each year.


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