Every once in a while, a social media hater gets owned by a celebrity. Drake decided to take that route a couple of days ago. 

It all started when a sports page compared Tee Morant, father of Memphis Grizzlies player, Ja Morant, to LaVar Ball, who is also an NBA dad. The post said both men were annoying, to which someone argued that they are just proud fathers cheering on their sons.

Being that Drake, born Aubrey Graham, is a father himself, he felt obligated to chime in on the subject. He commented, “Imagine your son makes the league and he’s Ja or Melo or Lonzo and all you can do it be elated and competitive and over supportive and it’s a right of passage to that the the OG’s talk sh*t… I know I’mma be this way even if my son is in a rubix cube competition.”

After reading his lengthy comment, an IG critic, who goes by Ceddy Bo, left Drake a message. He wrote, “ya son prolly play with ghost writers.”

Apparently, Drake had more than enough time on his hands to clap back. In a matter of minutes, the Certified Lover Boy typed back, “I just followed your girl cause she’s prob miserable and needs some excitement in her life.” The 35-year-old not only followed his wife, but he also slid in her DMs and said, “I’m here for u ma.”

As social media users cracked up at Drake’s savagery, TMZ talked to the couple about their encounter with the Canada-born star. Ceddy did feel that Drake went overboard, but he also thought the entire interaction was hilarious. He didn’t think a little trash-talking would result in a confrontation, and he admitted that he is a huge fan of the rapper.

His wife, Toni, claimed she wouldn’t go out with Drake but would love to meet him along with her husband.