Eagles star Lane Johnson sets the internet on fire with George Kittle

Once upon a time, there was this saying in football lore that suggested we only mention offensive linemen when they do something wrong. The thought was, if you embarked on a three-hour gameday journey in front of the television to check out the Philadelphia Eagles, you knew the O-line was having a great game if those guys were never mentioned by name.

Times have changed. Last season, Philly’s offensive line was one of those topics we couldn’t stop discussing. They were phenomenal and paved the way for the NFL’s best rushing attack.

Being a lineman is cool now. Pro Football Focus ranks guards based on how well they perform in the running and passing game. Who would have thunk?

Jason Peters is a franchise legend. Jason Kelce is right up there with Brian Dawkins as the most beloved Birds of all time, and the next time we see an Eagle inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, it may be one of those two (once Dick Vermeil is enshrined of course).

And then, there’s the best player we don’t spend enough time discussing, Lane Johnson.

Watch Eagles star Lane Johnson ‘keeping it 500’ with George Kittle.

In 2022, Philly will again field an all-star unit up front on offense. Kelce is back for another run. Jordan Mailata has become a star in his own right, both on and off the field, and the guy that we probably spend less time talking about than we should, Lane Johnson, has been so good that we often take him for granted… well, most of us anyway.

The guys at Jakib Media know how good he is and has been.

Ladies and gentlemen, Lane Johnson isn’t just elite. He has a legitimate argument for enshrinement into the Pro Football Hall of Fame, just like Peters and Kelce. He’s also insanely entertaining. Stop what you’re doing, and give him a follow on Instagram and Twitter.

Once you’re done with that, check this one out. Johnson and George Kittle of the San Francisco 49ers hung out together for a workout session recently. As you might imagine there were fireworks.

We don’t want to spoil the surprise though. Check this one out for yourselves.

There’s no other explanation other than one. Lane Johnson is from outer space. He has to be. Seriously, no wonder opposing defensive linemen don’t get around this guy.

Say what you will. Grade Eagles quarterback Jalen Hurts however you will. One thing is certain though. If Hurts struggles in 2022, it won’t be because of the five guys standing in front of him.



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