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After experiencing first hand the distressingInternet condition in the country, presidential aspirant Sen. Manny Pacquiao vowed to prioritize the establishment of reliable national broadband infrastructure that will put an end to slow internet speed and ensure more efficient service.

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Pacquiao found out for himself the poor internet service extended to his countrymen when he attended on Wednesday, Dec. 15 the Senate session. His internet connection was too slow that he had to change new wifi links but to no avail.

The country’s boxing icon said the next government should be able to ensure the internet service that a developing country like the Philippines requires.

He vowed to adopt measures to compel internet service providers to increase their coverage and network bandwidth.

Pacquiao, who is known for being even-tempered in his many boxing matches, expressed his frustration when he lost his internet connection during his Senate zoom session Wednesday where he voted for the passage of Senate Bill 2094 which amended the Public Services Act to allow foreign ownership of airlines and telecommunications firms, among other public services.

According to Pacquiao, the country’s poor internet service is one of the biggest turn-off among foreign investors.

He pledged that once elected he would make sure that ISPs should be able to deliver the bandwidth that they promised to their subscribers.

“Nasa city na tayo tapos mahina pa ang internet so kailangang ma-improve yung internet signal natin, mas gumanda pa, hindi lang sa Metro Manila kasi may mga nag-aaral naman sa probinsya, (We are already in the city yet our internet is slow, so we need to improve our internet signal, Not only should we have better internet in Metro Manila, but also in the provinces)“ Pacquiao said.

He lamented that a huge area in Mindanao are serviced with poor internet signal, making the situation even more disadvantageous to workers and students in the region.

During his Senate zoom session while in the town of Mati which saw the approval of Senate Bill 2234 or the proposed Department of Migrant Workers and Overseas Filipinos Act, Pacquiao lost his connection as he voted in favor of the proposal.

On learning that his vote was not counted, Pacquiao manifested to the plenary that he voted yes and should be put on record especially so that he is a co-author of the bill.

Pacquiao said once elected into office, he would immediately push for the improvement of the country’s broadband network infrastructure to increase the country’s internet speed and expand network even in remote areas.

He said the government would also strive to extend support for ISPs so that they can improve their services.






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