Elon Musk replied to a tweet related to valves, and the internet is confused

Unlike most business magnates and celebrities, Elon Musk has been incessant with his tweets. On Monday afternoon, the world’s richest man replied to an engineering-related tweet that confused the internet.

A Twitter account World of Engineering, which goes by the Twitter handle @engineers_feed, shared picture of a chart that showed different types of values and simply captioned it “Types of valves”.

The innocuous tweet, whose target audience must have been engineering enthusiasts, suddenly went viral after Musk, who recently acquired Twitter for $44 billion, commented on it.

Replying to the tweet, Musk wrote, “Sphincter valve?” and soon his replay gathered over 20,000 tweets in less than four hours, while the tweet by World of Engineering got over 17,000 likes.

Verywell Health, a website that covers health and medical issues, says sphincter valves are “circular muscles that open and close certain parts of the body. Sphincters in the digestive tract open to allow food, bile, or digestive enzymes to go from one part of the body to another”.

The netizens were confused about why Musk mentioned a biological valve when the conversation was clearly about machine values used in engineering.

“I feel like you @elonmusk bought tweeter to make these kind of inside jokes. Am I right? If yes it’s such a genius move ”, a Twitter user commented. While another person remarked, “How many of you just googled “sphincter valve” coz Elon said it?”.


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