Everything You Need To Know About Quantum Internet

The quantum internet isn’t necessary for any of the everyday activities you currently perform online. That should be obvious as you’re doing all these things and the quantum internet doesn’t exist yet. What the quantum internet does offer is an increase in security and the ability to transfer extreme amounts of data very quickly. Regular internet users probably won’t notice the security increase — logging into websites will remain the same, and most security developments will be behind the scenes.

There’s every chance ordinary consumers won’t need, or even have access to, the quantum internet for decades to come. People might stick to the traditional internet while governments, businesses, and scientists use the quantum internet’s specific benefits. Current internet speeds are more than adequate to match current and future data transfer demands. 1GB/s internet services are available, around 50 times YouTube’s requirement for 4K video streaming. The development of current systems isn’t going to stop to make way for the quantum internet, and we’re a long way off any kind of hard cap.

However, the speeds and possibilities quantum internet offers could impact things like the Metaverse and cloud computing. Amazon, IBM, and Microsoft already provide online access to quantum computers — so it isn’t a stretch to think videogame streaming services like GeForce NOW may one day take advantage of quantum computing power and use the quantum internet to deliver it.

Technology expert Sanjay Basu, PhD, believes the quantum internet may play a vital role in the construction and functions of Meta’s proposed “Metaverse”. The security benefits will be essential to Metaverse’s proposed economy and trading system. Concepts like quantum randomness, which uses the properties of quantum mechanics to create truly random number generation, will eliminate exploitable biases in Metaverse’s algorithms.


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