Exposing an Internet Horror- Who is Baksa and where is he now?

Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror is a highly arresting true-crime documentary film that made its debut this May 18, 2022, exclusively on Netflix. Choi Jin-seong is the director of the Netflix documentary.

The documentary depicts one of the most heinous and dark online crime cases. It dives deep into telling the true story of the bone-chilling Nth Room case. The case involved two main culprits, including Moon Hyung-wook, infamously known as GodGod, and Cho Ju-Bin, infamously known as Baksa.

The official description of the documentary film Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror on Netflix says:

“This was nothing short of abuse… uncovering the 2019 chat room atrocities that shocked South Korea”

Since its release, it has already started to create a lot of buzz among viewers for its jaw-dropping subject matter, a true story. Let’s look at the true story and find out all about Cho Ju-bin or Baksa.

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Learn all about Baksa and his association with the rattling Nth Room case

Cho Ju-bin, infamously known as Baksa, is one of the main culprits behind the dreadful and quite heart-wrenching Nth Room case, which inspired the Netflix documentary movie Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror, involving an online sexual abuse ring.

Allegedly, Cho used the online alias Baksa to blackmail women into sending sexually explicit pictures and videos. This list of women also included minors. He used to reportedly post sexually explicit and degrading videos and photos in chatrooms on Telegram.

Cho allegedly created a chatroom titled Doctor’s Room where reportedly, group members used to pay nearly $1200 to see the sexually explicit content. According to reports, Baksa received almost 18 million won for being one of the main parts of the exploitation and blackmailing ring.

CYBER HELL: EXPOSING AN INTERNET HORROR is the unforgettable story of the digital crime case that shocked Korea to its core. This startling true crime documentary is now on Netflix. https://t.co/pzEChXXrbM

Reportedly, 74 women were blackmailed by Cho, and 16 were teenagers. Cho has allegedly exploited 17 of them.

Where is Baksa now?

According to reports, Cho Ju-bin or Baksa was arrested on March 16, 2020. He reportedly received 42 years of prison time in October 2021 for his unthinkable crimes.

Two ordinary college students. Two journalists.One of the most devastating digital crimes to ever hit Korea. Featuring the civilians who exposed the “Nth Room,” a criminal online network of sexual exploitation, CYBER HELL: EXPOSING AN INTERNET HORROR comes to Netflix May 18. https://t.co/y8CcnkpRbD

He also received an order from the Supreme Court to wear an eclectic ankle tag thirty years after his release from prison and pay a 100 million won, which is a $90,000 forfeiture. He has reportedly been banned from working at child-related organizations or facilities.

Cho Ju-bin, or Baksa, is currently imprisoned at the Seoul Detention Center in Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, serving his time in prison.

Don’t forget to catch Cyber Hell: Exposing an Internet Horror, currently streaming on the popular streaming platform Netflix, from May 18, 2022.


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