“F* Skip Bayless, f* all the media heads!”: The internet reacts to Victor Oladipo dapping up Jimmy Butler, thereby quashing media rumors

Skip Bayless and his baseless takes were disproven when Victor Oladipo addressed them in a snarky manner while dapping up Jimmy Butler.

Well, well, well, look how the tables turn, Skip Bayless. Today’s post-game presser for Victor Oladipo all but proved that the NBA media personality’s ridiculous take was all but baseless.

Skip had reported earlier that there was a sour relationship between the pair of guards. In his show Undisputed, Skip went on air to say that the reason the two guards do not share the court together is that Butler dislikes Oladipo.

The keyword here is not ‘dislike” but rather, ‘hate’. According to Skip’s sources, the Butler had a ‘personal issue’ with Oladipo.

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“Jimmy hates me guys!”: Victor Oladipo mocks claims by dapping up Jimmy Butler

Victor Oladipo must have gotten the wind of this news. After his post-game presser, he was quick to quash any claim that the relationship between the guards was sour.

He said, “Jimmy hates me guys, that was a cute one!” and followed it up with a dap and a hug with Jimmy Butler, as the latter stepped up for his interview.

The obvious reference was to Skip, who still manages to either garner only hate or appreciation. Today’s incident only throws more mud at Skip.

Skip tried to paint an incorrect picture between the two and the backlash he receives is warranted.

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