Families struggle with Windstream internet service

GREENUP COUNTY, Ky. (WSAZ) – Phone and internet service are two things many of us depend on every day.

However, neighbors who live along Lost Lick Road in Greenup County say their phone and internet is down at least once a week. Their provider is Windstream.

One neighbor tells us a life-saving device that he depends on is useless without internet.

“That’s my life,” Frank Gamble said. “It’d probably save my life. It’s a shocker. If I go to sleep, and my heart quits, it shocks me.”

Gamble says he’s reached out to Windstream numerous times, hoping for a stable solution.

“They need to do something to the phone lines there. These phone lines have been here since I was a kid,” Gamble said.

WSAZ reached out to Windstream to get a better understanding of why neighbors like Gamble are experiencing unreliable service.

Over the phone, we’re told copper lines, which are considered older technology compared to Fiber Optic cable for example, runs through that area of Lost Lick Road. It’s a rural area that crews haven’t been able to upgrade yet.

Windstream says as of 4 p.m. Tuesday, they have sent their local manager to the area. They’re looking at the network and connections to see what may be causing an issue and if there are any damages to the lines that need repaired.

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