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New rules are taking effect to give people living in apartments, public housing, office buildings and other multi-tenant buildings; a choice when it comes to their internet service.

A third of all Americans live in an apartment or condo and often are only given one option for internet service.

However, the FCC just announced new rules that are meant to help connect people to faster speeds and lower prices.

‘Sweetheart deals’ are exclusive agreements between landlords and internet providers that typically benefit them, but give renters only one option for internet service.

They’ve been banned for years, but the FCC says a complex web of agreements between providers and landlords has circumvented the rules and kept competition out.

So the FCC is cracking down, introducing new rules banning certain exclusive revenue sharing agreements between landlords and internet providers.

Tenants also have to be told in plain language about exclusive marketing arrangements and that they may have other service choices.

Landlords also won’t be allowed to buy the wiring in their buildings and lease it back to only one internet provider.

Bottom line, the FCC says this should increase competition, lowering the cost for renters and giving them more options.

If you think these rules are being broken, you can file a report with the FCC here.


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