Five Destinations For the Internet After Elon Musk Destroys Twitter

Elon Musk is trying to buy Twitter. Having already conquered the worlds of roofing shingles, guys dressed like robots, weird-looking trucks, and even weirder-looking baby names, Musk set his sights on Twitter, reportedly offering $41.4 billion for something he already gets to use for free.

Where do we go if Musk is successful and inevitably destroys Twitter?

Let’s just stop there and chat whenever we’re sick of driving around town. For the NYC readers, a convenience store is sort of a bodega where people aren’t emotionally invested. Also, there’s parking. And gas. And no cats. The point is you can gather there and drink fountain sodas or whatever. Best of all we can listen to Dexter Freebish and wonder what it would be like if we left.


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