From Grace to Grass: Internet Sensation Mr Spellz Spotted in New Video Begging at Mall, Nigerians Ignored Him

  • The current state of Mr Spellz, a Nigerian once considered a celebrity, has caused quite a stir on social media
  • Mr Spellz was captured in a new video looking unkempt and malnourished as he sought alms at Abia mall
  • In the touching clip, the man was totally ignored by people who didn’t so much as look in his direction

Sadly, there are cases of people who fall from grace to grass, they move from an enviable status to a lower rank and this is the situation of Mr Spellz.

Mr Spellz achieved internet fame which somewhat turned him to a celebrity after videos of him spelling words in a funny way went viral.

Mr Spellz, Spell Buhari, Abia mall, begging, Nigerians, ignored
He was ignored as he sought alms from passers-by.
Photo Credit: @saintavenue_ent1, TikTok/@sgkkbaby
Source: Instagram

DJs and producers made music as well beats from his funny pronunciation. At some point, he appeared at shows with popular Nigerian celebrities and raked in cool cash but all that seems to be a thing of the past now.

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In a sad video shared on TikTok by @sgkkbaby, Spellz was spotted seeking alms at the Abia mall.

He looked unkempt and malnourished and was ignored by people he approached for help.

No one seemed to even care for a selfie or identify with him like people did at the peak of his popularity.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

@kom4thzone said:

“The question is,is he ready to help himself?people have tried to help him several times but I hear he’s an alcoholic.I heard Flavor even gave money for rehabilitation and he refused to can take a horse to the stream but you cannot force it to drink water.”

@mr_g.m.b said:

“I blame him previous manager!!! When baba begin make money, instead of him to carry am go rehab, e begin carry women give am, now baba don go back to him vomit.”

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@diligent__mark5 said:

“Omo we can’t blame anyone cus there are many more like him out there Abi weytin make mr spells different?”

@qweentracy said:

“He’s a drunk ..they’ve tried so many times to revive him but they have already eaten him from village.”

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