FTC Wants Frontier to Reimburse Customers Over Slow Internet Speeds

The Federal Trade Commission wants Frontier Communications to prove its internet speeds are as advertised and reimburse customers they may have misled, according to a proposed order filed Thursday with a US district court in California. 

The move follows a 2021 lawsuit filed by the FTC and six states alleging that Frontier wasn’t delivering the speeds customers were paying for.

The proposed order would “require Frontier to substantiate its internet speed claims at a customer-by-customer level for new and complaining customers and notify customers when it is unable to do so,” according to the FTC, which approved the order with a 4-0 vote.

The order would also require Frontier to provide fiber optic internet service to 60,000 residences in California and pay $8.5 million in civil penalties. The order would also limit Frontier from signing up more DSL customers in areas where high volume slows down speeds and require the company to notify customers receiving speeds below what they pay for. Some customers would receive discounted bills or be able to easily drop the service.

Two California county district attorneys’ offices joined the order. It needs to be signed by the district court judge before it takes effect.

Frontier didn’t immediately respond to request for comment.


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