Gemma Atkinson just broke the internet with a new unfiltered bikini photo, and we’re speechless

Gemma Atkinson just well and truly broke the internet. The WH cover star took to IG with a picture of herself in a sage green bikini while on holiday, and it’s since had almost 90k likes and over 700 comments. TBF, we didn’t expect any less. Just. Look. At. Her.

She captioned it, ‘Humidity and highlights (and of course, a little sunburn even with spf 50).’ One of her followers commented, ‘Total body woman goals, you’re a huge inspiration to many x,’ while another added, ‘Gemma you’re a legend. Posted a pic that isn’t filtered, beautiful,’ and a third said, ‘Radiating health and happiness.’

Gem’s always been pretty open about how she stays so fit and healthy. Recently, she told us that functional training is her go-to form of exercise. ‘It’s about training to keep functional, so there’s some strength-based training and lots of cardio in there as well,’ she explains. ‘I kind of put what I look like to the side, I’m 38 this year so it’s also about keeping on top of my stretches.’

She does yoga on the reg, in fact. ‘I have a session once a week,’ she says. ‘I always incorporate a mobility session in my warm-up, too, then I’ll do a couple of super sets, a big cardio blast and some functional stretching to make sure I’m on tip top form.’

What’s more, she’s now the ‘heaviest’ she’s ever been. She told the Sun: ‘I’m the heaviest I’ve been in my life (apart from pregnancy, when she was a stone heavier) – but I’m also lean, strong and healthy. Weight doesn’t bother me.’ What a woman.

Photo credit: David Cummings

Photo credit: David Cummings

We’re forever preaching the problems with going into a workout governed by your weight. For one, exercise shouldn’t be used solely for aesthetic purposes – the mental benefits are unmatched, and doing it purely to ‘lose weight’ will only take that enjoyment away. Secondly, like Gem, it’s not a true depiction of health. You could weigh less than ever but be your unhealthiest (and unhappiest). We could go on, but you get the jist. Execise for enjoyment, always.

A round of applause for Gem’s honesty, please.

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