Genius Or Bizarre? This Kaju Katli Cake Has Impressed The Internet; Would You Try It?

The internet has an extensive selection of interesting food content, from tips and tricks to quick kitchen hacks and a variety of easy and delicious planned diets. One may spend hours glued to their screens without even noticing the clock ticking. Out of the many food items that have caught our attention, cakes are the absolute favourite for many of us. The different culinary experiments throughout the world have brought an array of interesting and unique cakes to our attention – from hyper-realistic cakes that have been the rage these past years, to pinata cakes, drop-down cakes and more. However, recently what piqued our curiosity was a cake that comes in a flavour like none other, a Kaju Katli Cake!

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Indians and their love for sweet and delicious Mathai’s have crossed all boundaries and this Kaju Katli cake is here to prove that. A video shared on Instagram reels by @bhukkad_dilli_ke showcases a bakery in Durgapuri Chowk, Shahdara, Delhi called Shagun Bakery, which makes these Kaju Katli cakes. The Instagram reel has garnered around 1 million views, 48.8k likes and 224 comments. The page has rated the taste of this Kaju Katli cake to be a 4/5. Look at it here:

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The video showcases the making of the Kaju Katli cake. The chef slices cake pieces and places them on top of each other, filled with Kaju Katli cream filling and topped with Kaju Katli pieces along with a drizzle of Pistachio powder. Many were confused if the cake uses Kaju Katli only on the top decoration to which the page replied “They have added Kaju Katli in the whipped cream too”

The majority of the viewers agreed that they would love to try this cake, given the fan base of Kaju Katli. This flavoured cake was taken in good spirit by most of the comments. One of the comments read, “Kaju Katli to Pyaar hai, woo this making is fire” (Kaju Katli is lovely, woo the making is fire), the other one read, “Shaandar hai” (It is magnificent), and “Yeh badiya hai” (This is amazing).

Unlike the majority of comments who seemed to love the creation, there were some who thought this was an utter waste of Kaju Katli. One comment read “Don’t ruin cakes”, while the other read “yeh cake nahi kachra hai” (This isn’t cake, this is garbage), and “Tooba tooba sara mood kharab kar diya” (You ruined my mood).

What do you think about the Kaju Katli Cake? Would you give it a try?


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