Google Fiber expanding fiber-optic internet service to Des Moines

Google Fiber has plans to expand its fiber-optic internet service to Des Moines. 

The company in March began offering its one- or two-gigabit service, which is about 100 times faster than the average broadband connection, to West Des Moines residents. At the time West Des Moines was one of just 17 metro areas in the country, and the only one in Iowa, to have access to its service. 

Andy Simpson, the company’s central region general manager, said more customers than expected signed up in West Des Moines, so it made sense to move into Des Moines. Simpson declined to give a number of West Des Moines customers to sign up.

“Des Moines (has) been on our interest list for a while,” Simpson said. “It was timely from where we were as a business and a team. It’s an area we knew had a desire for fast, reliable internet.” 


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