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CLIFTON PARK, N.Y. — At the Vischer Ferry Fire House, Greenlight Networks announced that it is bringing its 100% fiber-to-the-home network to Clifton Park with service available starting this fall. By year-end 2023, Greenlight’s high-speed Internet service is anticipated to be accessible to approximately 23,000 homes in the Capital Region. The company plans to invest approximately $25 million during that timeframe in building a broadband Internet network in the area.

Greenlight Networks is an ultra-high-speed, broadband service provider, offering residential and small business customers Internet speeds up to 2 Gigabit per second. Greenlight Networks was founded in 2011 in Rochester and currently provides high-speed fiber internet to approximately 80,000 homes in 20 municipalities in the Rochester, Buffalo, and Binghamton areas. The town of Clifton Park marks the first expansion into the Capital Region for Greenlight Networks. The company builds, owns, and operates its fiber-optic networks to provide amazingly fast Internet connections to its customers.

Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett initially announced that the town was working with Greenlight Networks last November. Since then, the company has received the necessary approvals, secured the required agreements, and has started the construction of its fiber-optic network.

“Greenlight has selected Clifton Park as its first expansion effort in the Capital Region, resulting in a significant investment in our community,” Barrett opined on the privately funded venture. “Clifton Park residents will soon have an additional option for a very important service many people use every day.”

Greenlight is partnering with Vischer Ferry Fire District in Clifton Park to host its network equipment in exchange for complimentary high-speed fiber broadband service at its stations. Construction of Greenlight’s network is well underway in the neighborhoods surrounding Station #2 on Grooms Rd. Residents in these areas are now able to place pre-orders for high-speed Internet service, which is expected to be available in the coming months.

“Having high-speed fiber-optic service at our fire stations allows for faster, more reliable connectivity to support mission-critical applications and provides the broadband connectivity needed by our first responders,” Vischer Ferry Fire District Chairman Kevin Bowman said. “We are happy to host Greenlight Network’s equipment that will also bring fiber Internet to the residents of our community.”

The construction of Greenlight’s new fiber-optic network is already creating jobs and work for local contractors. Greenlight Networks has started hiring in the area, with many positions currently available on its website. By year-end 2023 the company expects to employ 25 people locally and expects to open a local office early next year.

Pete Bardunias, senior vice president, membership and community advancement for the Capital Region Chamber, was full of excitement as the occasion was marked with a ribbon-cutting as well.

“Having spent my career connecting people, it’s clear that communication is key to building a stronger business community for Clifton Park and southern Saratoga County,” Bardunias remarked. “Bringing this technology here to Clifton Park means that we will remain at the cutting edge of high-speed internet access, especially vital since the 21st Century workplace now includes remote work and many home-based businesses. I look forward to working with Greenlight Networks as they expand here in the Capital Region.”

Mark Murphy, CEO of Greenlight Networks, further detailed what residents can expect to gain from using their product.

“We offer the fastest Internet service in New York state, which is up to two gigabits per second. Our standard product is a 500 by 500 megabit service for only $50 a month, which we think is extremely competitive in the market and across the state,” Murphy said.

“Most of our customers are residential. We do have some small business customers and we have those offerings available as well. But for our residential customers, they enjoy the additional bandwidth especially on the upstream because when you’re sharing video or on Zoom calls and especially when you’ve got multiple people in the house now doing it on a number of devices available because everything now seems to be Internet-enabled, so you need a whole lot of bandwidth to support that and I think our customers have found us to be an outstanding choice to fit their needs and their budgets,” Murphy noted on their services.

“What we’re building is a brand new fiber network from end to end. So what that means for customers is when it’s a rainy day like today, as we know, rain and electricity don’t mix very well so when you’re using regular wires to transmit electricity that can cause out shorts and create other problems. You don’t have that with fiber-optics. It’s an inherently more reliable service and it’s a faster service because we’re sending our signals over the speed of light. Again, this is a brand new network, we’re building it both underground and in the neighborhoods that we’re serving now, and then we’re also putting it on utility poles as it makes sense,” Murphy explained regarding the reliability of their product.

Additionally, Murphy noted how their expansion will give people a faster more affordable option for Internet service in an area that is otherwise monopolized and lacking competition.

“We’re thrilled to be in Clifton Park. I think this is gonna be a great expansion for us and we’ve got certainly hopes to continue to expand across the region, so our plans don’t end here and we’re talking to a number of municipalities and we’d love to talk to any other municipalities that have an interest in bringing a competitive broadband service to their towns,” Murphy added with hopes that construction picks up in those other areas interested.

Greenlight’s Internet service is five times faster and 25 percent less expensive than the incumbent cable provider, with no contracts, taxes, or hidden fees. Fiber internet provides the best possible online experience and supports simultaneous high-speed connections across multiple devices.

Clifton Park residents can visit Greenlight’s website to learn more about Greenlight’s progress in their neighborhood, sign-up, and receive construction updates.

Pete Bardunias, Senior Vice President, Membership and Community Advancement for the Capital Region Chamber. (Mike Gwizdala ??

Clifton Park Town Supervisor Phil Barrett. (Mike Gwizdala ??

New York State Sen. James Tedisco. (Mike Gwizdala ??

State Sen. Jim Tedisco, right, presents Mark Murphy, CEO of Greenlight Network with a citation at the Vischer Ferry Fire House. (Mike Gwizdala ??

Mark Murphy, CEO of Greenlight Networks. (Mike Gwizdala ??

Vischer Ferry Fire District Chairman Kevin Bowman. (Mike Gwizdala ??


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