GTT unveils new internet, voice packages to boost businesses

GTT Business Solutions says it is aiming to boost businesses by offering internet and voice solutions packages with its new conneX plans.

Unveiled over the weekend by Chief Operations Officer (COO) for GTT Business Solutions, Orson Ferguson, a release from the Guyana Telephone and Telegraph (GTT) said that the new conneX 75, conneX 150, and conneX 600 plans will see new and existing businesses receiving high-speed internet service with complimentary voice solutions of 3500, 4000 and 6000 free minutes for local on-net calls and calls to the US and Canada.

“Today we have …officers who are responsible for working with small businesses in specific geographic areas, to help them make informed technology decisions. These officers have been working with businesses since July, and have been responsible for delivering solutions for hundreds of small businesses across Guyana. We have Guyana’s number one non-cash payment solution, mmg, in our solutions stack for small businesses as well.  With mmg+, small businesses can make and receive payments from anywhere in Guyana,” Ferguson said.

Ferguson added, “[conneX] will make international communication with stakeholders faster and deliver more value. This solution will also deliver greater simplicity. Simplicity that these businesses need…”

Senior Manager SMB, Technical and Cloud Delivery at GTT Business Solutions, Tanya Wilcott,  said in the release that customers who have landline numbers can keep their current numbers when upgrading to the new conneX plans.

“These solutions were crafted especially for you, and this is how we give you the extra pair of hands, and the extra day you need to advance your business with ease. These new plans provide the added benefits of more speed to keep you connected to your stakeholders, more minutes to keep you connected to your [international] partners and more value to ensure that you can take advantage of the opportunities that the new economy is presenting,” she stated.

She also disclosed that there will be a single bill for both landline and internet services.

Application forms can be accessed via

Subsequent to the launch of conneX, GTT and the Georgetown Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) hosted a Business Expo which saw over 40 small and medium businesses utilising the opportunity to display their products and services.

The expo was a free opportunity for businesses to gain exposure and meet with the public and members of the private sector. These businesses, the release said,  will also be given three free months of conneX to kick start their improved connectivity.


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