Guest Column by Lee Keshav: How to find happiness on the internet

Happiness, one of the key emotional goals that all individuals work and live for, is still an aspiration for many people. Since we are part of a generation that spends almost half of our lives on the internet, it is critical to understand how the online world affects our understanding of a happy life. And now that the internet is entering the new world of the metaverse, there is likely to be a higher degree of digital consumption than ever before. So, this is just the right time to make sure that our digital consumption is happy, safe, and beneficial.

Avoid falling for FOMO

The internet has a very deeply-rooted culture of ‘FOMO’ or fear of missing out; a sense of pseudo-urgency. From taking the first dose of the vaccine to buying the latest crypto, everything has induced a need in us to be the ‘first’ amongst our peers. Many millennials make crucial decisions under the pressure of FOMO. But why? It’s time to understand that this constant need for instant gratification not only makes happiness short-lived, but also dependent on things outside ourselves.

In order to find real happiness, do things when you want to, not just because your friends, peers, or favourite influencers are doing them.

Flex culture demoralisation

‘How to look rich’ video tutorials are all over the internet. As ridiculous as it may sound, the internet has become the place to hide our most deep-rooted insecurities and live by the definitions of other people’s happiness. Many of us live a pseudo life on the internet just to be accepted, appreciated, and followed. This is unnecessary.

What you seek is seeking you

Honestly, the internet isn’t as bitter, noisy, and saddening as it can seem to be. Remember how happy social media made many of us feel during the lockdown? Many of us revived old friendships and rekindled forgotten loves. Sure, the net is a double-edged sword. It is natural to be overwhelmed and anxious when you see negative content, but the algorithms that drive social media mean that if you indulge your curiosity about negative information, your feed will be filled only with negative posts. Just see, consume, and move on. Look for positive and happy content, and happiness will follow you. Happiness is with us. Once we spot it, it will remain with us.

Good, bad, or ugly, the internet is really a reflection of ourselves.

As for me, all I need is some cats on my Insta feed to make my day 🙂

Lee Keshav is head of product design at Hike
Lee Keshav is head of product design at Hike

Lee Keshav is head of product design at Hike, leading Web 3.0 and NFT initiatives for social and gaming mobile apps.

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From HT Brunch, March 27, 2022

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