Half the UK’s internet is down including Roblox, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok

A number of big-name web-based services are suffering from intermittent outages across the UK, it seems. Services like Instagram, TikTok, Zoom, and a ton more are unavailable for some.

Issues began appearing around 10:15 UK time, with services failing. I was able to get some websites to load by switching DNS servers away from Google’s and using CloudFlare’s, but now I just have different services and websites failing.

If you’re suffering the only fix seems likely to be time — and waiting for whatever’s broken to be fixed. Interestingly, the same services appear to be working just fine elsewhere, suggesting this is a problem specific to UK-based infrastructure. Virgin Media, a large UK internet service provider, is also reported as experiencing issues although it isn’t clear whether that’s a symptom or a root cause at this time.

A current list of services that are reported as affected by Downdetector include”

  • Virgin Media
  • Roblox
  • Blizzard Battle.net
  • Telegram
  • Zoom
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • and more.


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