Halle Berry Breaks the Internet Almost Instantly With Surprise Super Bowl Opening Video

In a surprise turn of events, the Super Bowl LVI is starting off on an A-list note that nobody expected, but everyone was kind of hoping for. Just before the Super Bowl starts at 6:30, actress and director Halle Berry posted a video of herself introducing the Super Bowl. On Feb. 13, Berry posted a video to her Twitter of her in a sparkling pantsuit, walking through the stadium. It’s simply captioned, “Welcome to the #SuperBowl.”

As she’s walking, cameras flashing in her face, she says, “Welcome to the land of stories. Welcome to the Super Bowl.” She’s not standing in the stadium, saying, “Welcome to the next game we all might remember forever. Together.” Then in classic Super Bowl clips, there’s a twist as a director yells “Cut” then the stadium is only a green screen as it drops behind Berry. She responds, “Great. Are we done here I hope? Because I don’t want to miss kick-off.” Then she saunters off, planning to watch the game like the rest of us.

Within an instant, this video is already trending all over Twitter, with many users saying things like “Is Halle Berry aging AT ALL?? Don’t think so #SuperBowl” and “I want to see a video of Halle vibing to the halftime performance.” While we may not see her moving and grooving, we will see her again.

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Per her latest Instagram posts, it seems that she’ll be in the Sportsbook Half-Time commercial, playing Cleopatra with a bunch of cats. And we honestly can’t wait!

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