Harvest Thermal Named ‘Best Company’ at Internet 2.0 Conference

Harvest Thermal Receives Internet 2.0 Award

Dr. Jane Melia and Michel Maeso receive “Best Company” award at Internet 2.0 Conference

Climate tech start-up disrupts home heating and hot water market with a smart, ultra-efficient and affordable solution

Buildings are significant contributors to carbon pollution. I’m proud to introduce a smart, ultra-efficient, and affordable solution in a space that needs to move fast on climate.”

— Dr. Jane Melia, co-founder and CEO

LAS VEGAS, NV, USA, April 12, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ — Harvest Thermal Inc. received “Best Company Award 2022” at the Internet 2.0 conference yesterday for its hardware/software, cloud-enabled platform that empowers homeowners to slash their carbon footprint while lowering energy bills and utilizing more renewable energy on the grid.

Dr. Jane Melia, CEO and co-founder of Harvest Thermal, keynoted the event and received the award along with CRO Michel Maeso. Afterward, Michel was featured on the “Being Human in a Technological World” panel. Michel also received an Outstanding Leadership Award from the conference.

“I’m honored to be recognized by fellow technology entrepreneurs for innovating in a space that needs to move fast,” said Dr. Jane Melia. “Buildings are significant contributors to carbon pollution and we cannot meet our climate goals without innovation. Home heating and hot water are ripe for disruption and I’m proud to introduce to the market a smart, ultra-efficient, and affordable solution to climate change.”

The Harvest Pod™ uses algorithms, electronic sensors and controls, and machine learning to shift electric load for heating and hot water to the cleanest, cheapest times of the day and operates the water tank as a thermal battery. Using clouded-enabled analytics the system incorporates the latest weather forecasts and energy needs to optimize performance.

A Harvest system slashes carbon emissions by 90% compared with gas equipment and lowers customer bills by up to 40% while providing steady, comfortable heating and hot water whenever needed. It reduces lifetime operational costs by $23k compared to methane gas and over $15k compared to heat pumps in targeted markets. Harvest Thermal’s climate tech also solves for growing demand on the grid from building electrification.

About Harvest Thermal

Harvest Thermal is a developer and manufacturer of ultra-efficient, all-electric hot water, heating and cooling systems for the residential market. Founded in 2019, Harvest Thermal has been supported by the National Science Foundation, the California Energy Commission, and venture capital. Harvest Thermal’s software/hardware, cloud-enabled platform leverages the power of advanced analytics and machine learning to dramatically reduce carbon emissions, save on customer bills and reduce stress on the utility grid. For more information about Harvest Thermal, Inc. and its products offerings and services, please visit www.harvest-thermal.com. Visit us on Twitter and LinkedIn.

About Internet 2.0

The Internet 2.0 Conference brings together the most influential tech experts and leaders from up and coming companies to shine a light on technological breakthroughs in IT, cloud computing, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, blockchain, e-commerce, and more. C-suite executives and technologists gathered to showcase technological innovations and emerging tech trends across multiple sectors that can be leveraged by organizations across the globe.

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