Have Rihanna and ASAP Rocky broken up? Here’s what the Internet thinks

The internet can be a bizarre place sometimes and the odd rumours surrounding celebrities prove the case. Netizens woke up to surprising ‘news’ online today and Twitter has been buzzing with confused reactions and memes ever since.

Apparently, Rihanna and ASAP Rocky had parted ways! No, we are not saying that. A Twitter user shared a post about this news along with some details that has now blown up.

For those who are unaware, ASAP Rocky and Rihanna were clicked in several loved-up photos and the couple is expecting a child soon. However, while Rihanna was out there slaying in her redefined savage maternity fashion, the Twitter user pointed out that Rocky was having an affair with a designer from Rihanna’s fashion label, Fenty beauty.

“Rihanna & ASAP Rocky have split. Rihanna broke up with him after she caught him cheating with shoe designer Amina Muaddi,” read the post.

Take a look:

Netizens were totally in disbelief after this ‘news’. Many took to the micro-blogging platform to express their perplexity regarding the incident. However, some netizens started sharing memes featuring Rihanna’s ex-singer and rapper Drake.

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