Here’s Percentage Of Parents Who Fear Their Kids Are Becoming ‘Internet Zombies,’ Survey Says

A large majority of parents in America are concerned that their children’s time spent mindlessly scrolling through social media, playing games, and bingeing streaming services are turning them into “Internet zombies.”

Do You Believe Children In 2022 Are Becoming “Internet Zombies?”

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A new survey polling 2,000 parents of school-aged children found that 64 percent are concerned about the amount of screen time their kids spend on the Internet, while two-thirds believe that their overall behavior has been altered due to the amount of time spent online.

The poll from said that while 71 percent of parents trust their children to peruse the Internet unabated, upwards of 25 percent believe that they want to wait until they are in their teen years before allowing unsupervised access online.

According to the study, despite some of these misgivings, the average parent still allowed their children to browse the Internet independently as soon as they are approximately 11 years old.

The majority of parents polled (68 percent) believe that unsupervised access to the Internet will lead to children finding something inappropriate when they aren’t monitored or at school or doing homework online (71 percent).

Complete results of the OnePoll study, which was launched on behalf of Lightspeed Systems also found that 40 percent of parents reported that it isn’t uncommon for them to monitor their child’s online activity by asking their child to show them what they’re doing or set parental controls on the devices.

The results of the poll can be found here.

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