Hilarious Video Shows How Influencers Eat The Simplest Of Foods; Internet Agrees

Given how obsessed we are with the different social media platforms, it is safe to assume that we spend at least a couple of hours on our favourite pages. From engaging videos to informative content, the internet is a fun place to be. And if you are a regular on most of these social media platforms, we are sure you have come across the bunch known as ‘food influencers’. These individuals have created an identity on social media surrounding everything delicious and drool-worthy. From showcasing the most unique food finds to testing out the most bizarre food items, these food content creators have us hooked to our screen for hours in a row. However, while their content is no doubt mesmerising, we cannot disagree that they do take things slightly too far to keep their audience entertained. From showcasing street vendors and their unrealistic use of butter to unnecessarily dousing food items in cheese, the lot has gained a peculiar recognition amongst the regular viewers.

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In a recent Instagram reel, shared by a digital content creator couple on their page @wanderersofdelhi, we can see a hilarious take on how these influencers like to eat even the simplest of foods in a much-complicated manner. The video starts off by showcasing how normal people would eat a burger by spreading a good amount of ketchup and other spreads on the patty as opposed to how a food influencer will eat a burger by adding white sauce pasta, pizza slices, some cheese, and some more pizza slices in the attempt of making it look extremely delicious. The reel has received over 368k views and 13k likes and 96 comments. Look at the video here:

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The comments that the viewers have left are equally hilarious and completely relatable. Most of the comments left on the video totally agree with the exaggeration that food influencers put into a simple dish. One comment read “so damn true”, the other read “Yikes! but so true” and another read “Ye mast tha” (This was great).

While the other comments pointed out the similar atrocious things these food influencers like to add into their food. One comment read “You forgot ek dabba cheese ka”, while the other suggested, “Madam, 1 block cheese, 1 block butter, aur secret masala reh gaya” (Madam, you forgot about the 1 block cheese, 1 block butter and secret masala”, one comment mocked the trend on bizarre foods and said, “Didi gajar ka halwa dal na rahe gya” (You forgot to add gajar ka halwa to this).

It is safe to assume that all of us can relate to these comments; do you think food influencers take it too far when it comes to street food? Let us know in the comments below.


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