Homecoming Queen Scandal Rocks The Internet

How far would someone go to become a homecoming queen?

17-year-old Emily Grover is accused of rigging the election by obtaining access to student IDs and birthdays with her mother’s log-in information to enter fake ballots.

Her mother, Laura Carroll, 50, had been the vice principal of the elementary school before she was fired for allowing her daughter to access her account and compromising student privacy.

Although it seems that the matter is something that would best be left for school officials to contend with, someone called the police, and now both Grover and her mother are both facing up to sixteen years in prison.

After learning that Grover had access to student information – which also included grades, absences, and other personal information – one livid parent wrote, “I feel as violated as I would if she worked in the medical field and violated HIPAA!”

Mother And Daughter Reject Plea Deal: ‘I Didn’t Do It’

As The Blast previously reported, Grover and her mother have rejected the plea deal offered to them, which would have allowed them to avoid time behind bars. Now, they must go to trial to prove their innocence.

“So many people said, ‘She’ll let the kid take the rap’ or ‘The kid will get off’—everybody’s got their predictions,” Carroll said. “I don’t know why I care so much about people who don’t know me. It doesn’t matter; they all already think we’re guilty.”

Although she added that “the truth will rise,” many people do think that Grover may be guilty, especially because her friends have admitted that Grover has had accessed her mother’s account before.

According to one student, “I have known that Emily Grover logs into her mom’s [sic] account to access grades and test scores since freshman year when we became friends. She has looked up my student ID before in order to tell me what I got on my FST and ACT… She looks up all of our group of friends’ grades and makes comments about how she can find out our test scores all of the time.”

The Internet Weighs In: ‘Body Language Says Guilty’

Both Grover and Carroll appeared in an interview with Good Morning America to speak on the charges being held against them.

When asked what it was like going from homecoming queen to not being able to trust anyone, Grover replied, “It’s horrible.” Although she was initially smiling when she said it, she quickly looked away from the camera as she moved to wipe away tears from her eyes.

“She said she ‘had a feeling’ what the school official called her in for already… that kind of gives it away,” one person commented. “And the smiling through this interview is so weird.”

“Notice how the daughter SMILES when is asked if she did this,” another wrote. “A very mischievous smile. Body language does not lie!”

Another commented, “She was smiling hella hard then broke out into fake tears GIRL u cant look any more guilty.”

“They are weird,” another said. “If i was being arrested for a crime I did not commit I would not be smiling in my mugshot nor would I be smiling while being interviewed like it’s funny.”

“They were smiling and laughing and .2 seconds later she was in tears girl BYE,” another wrote.

One user wrapped up this whole situation by saying what most are thinking: “I just can’t wait for the Lifetime Movie because this is craziness.”


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