How The Internet Is Using Airbnb To Help Ukrainians

Airbnb is known for letting hosts rent out their homes, but the internet has found a unique way to utilize the company’s services to help Ukrainians. 

People on Twitter and Facebook are renting out local Airbnbs, but not staying in them to provide residents with direct income during the midst of Russia’s invasion of the country. 

“We appreciate the generosity of our community during this moment of crisis,” an Airbnb spokesperson-provided statement read. 


The company confirmed that it is seeing a spike in activity in the area, and that it is waiving guest and host fees for Ukrainian bookings at the moment.  

On February 28, the online lodging marketplace company shared that it would offer free housing for “up to” 100,000 Ukrainian refugees. 

Although there are still more traditional ways of supporting Ukrainians, such as donating to relevant organizations, this movement showcases the role that technology plays in making meaningful contributions to a struggling region’s economy. Plus, users can avoid scams that often emerge during these times.  

This campaign and the collaboration of the online world shows how society can work together to identify one-of-a-kind opportunities that help communities undergoing immense challenges. 

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