How To Make UPI Payment Without Internet: A Step-By-Step Guide Here

New Delhi: United Payments Interface (UPI) has made life easier for millions across India. It allows instant transfer of money from one bank account to the other using a mobile application. Service providers like Google Pay, PhonePe and NPCI’s BHIM allow the users to seamlessly make and accept payments. All of this requires a stable internet connection.Also Read – Rs 70 Lakh Crore Transferred Through UPI In 2021: PM Modi

But there may be instances when a user has no access to the internet. It may become difficult for a user to make online payments then. Thankfully, there is a trick that allows making a UPI transaction without the internet too. This can be used in smartphones as well as basic phones. Also Read – WhatsApp Pay: Users Can Now Check Bank Balance Using WhatsApp | Step-by-Step Guide Here

Eligibility For Making UPI Payment Without Internet

  • The mobile number must be registered with UPI.
  • The bank account should be linked to the same mobile number.
  • A fee of Rs 0.50 is charged for every such payment.

How To Make UPI Payment Without Internet: A Step-By-Step Guide

  1. Dial *99# on the phone from the registered mobile number and call.
  2. You will get many options like Balance Check, Profile etc. You need to choose ‘Select Money’ from this menu. Press 1 and tap on the ‘Send’ button.
  3. Now from the menu choose the option according to the details available to you. It will give you options like ‘Mobile Number’, ‘UPI ID’ and ‘IFSC/ A/C No.’
  4. Choose the option you want to use and reply using the number against it. Eg., for a Mobile number, enter ‘1’ and tap on ‘Send’; for A/c No. enter ‘5’ and click on ‘Send’.
  5. Now, enter the mobile number or the A/c no. according to the option selected earlier.
  6. Enter your UPI ID and tap on ‘Send’.
  7. Now, you will receive a text informing you about the successful transaction.

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