How you can make the internet favourite summer dessert, stuffed mango kulfi

There are a 100 ways to have mango desserts, and then some. The king of summer produce, and a fruit that nobody can get enough of, be it dessert lovers, chefs, or dessert-loving chefs. From savoury curries to the most indulgent kulfis, a kilo of mangoes can bring delight to every taste palette.

But this season, there’s one innovative dessert that has caught every mango-loving netizen’s attention — the stuffed mango kulfi which started as a street food trend. But, you don’t need a lot to make it at home, either.

Check out the recipe:


*5 mangoes
*1 ltr Milk
*3-4 tbsp sugar of choice
*1/4 tsp cardamom powder
*Kesar (optional)


1. Scoop out the seeds from 5 mangoes and by cutting along the seed and making sure to not cut the edges. Twist the seed first so that it loosens and then pull it out. Put back the top lid of the mangoes and place each mango in a bowl so that it holds up straight till the time the kulfi stuffing is ready.

2. Start cooking the milk and reduce it to 1/3rd in medium flame. Add sugar, elaichi powder and kesar. Mix and let it cool completely before filling in the mangoes

3. Pour cooled down kulfi mix in the mangoes, cover with the lid and freeze for at least 12 hours.

4. Peel with a knife  and cut thin slices.

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