Hughes Empowers SDT Ingenieria’s Internet Connectivity For Schools In Colombia – SatNews

Hughes Network Systems, LLC (HUGHES) has reported that the Hughes satellite internet service and equipment will be deployed by SDT Ingenieria to connect 670 schools in Colombia.

SDT Ingenieria was awarded the project to help bridge the digital divide in the Antioquia Department in the mountainous, rural, Medellín region where terrestrial connectivity is lacking.

This project uses Ka-band capacity on the Hughes JUPITER2 and 63 West satellites and Hughes JUPITER System terminals at each site to power high-speed internet service. Hughes has a large and growing footprint in Latin America where it offers HughesNet® satellite internet, Community Wi-Fi hotspots, cellular backhaul and managed network services for enterprises in Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico and Peru.

Approximately 50,000 schools around the world – including more than 15,000 in Mexico, 1,000 in Panama and 9,000 in Brazil – rely on Hughes JUPITER System equipment for reliable and cost-efficient internet connectivity.

According to a recent report from the Economist Intelligence Unit, school internet connectivity improves overall quality of education including higher student test scores and increased learning-adjusted years of schooling. Ultimately, that improvement benefits global economies, with higher levels of school connectivity yielding higher GDP per capita.

The solution from SDT Ingenieria using Hughes satellite internet access meets all our criteria for connecting our schools to the internet,” said David Aristizábal, supervisor, Antioquia Department. “We are bringing teachers and students online quickly and cost-effectively with the high quality service, ensuring access for everyone – which is especially important for those who have no internet service at home.

We are proud to be a value-added reseller of internet access from Hughes; they are the natural choice for a partner to help connect the unconnected,” said Diego Hernández, president of SDT Ingenieria. “The high-throughput satellite capacity and easy-to-deploy terminals from Hughes enable us to deliver a turn-key and reliable broadband service at over 600 Antioquia schools, quickly and within budget.

Connecting schools creates a ripple effect across communities, helping to improve outcomes and opportunities for students and teachers,” said Hugo Frega, senior director, International division at Hughes. “Satellite broadband is the ideal solution to enable internet access at hard-to-reach schools like those in Antioquia.”


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