I Learned This On The Internet: Episode 4

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Welcome to episode 4 of ‘I Learned This on The Internet!’

If your kitchen is filled with many different utensil options, you might own what’s known as a ‘pasta spoon.’ Have you ever wondered about the hole in the middle? It can actually be used to measure out approximately one serving of spaghetti. This is helpful for anyone who struggles to dish out the proper amount of noodles.

Ever had this problem? You purchase a whole thing of tomatoes only for them to spoil within a few days. Pressure from hard surfaces speeds up the rotting process. You can prevent this by storing them upside down, as the “shoulders” of the tomato are sturdy while the “bottoms” are delicate.

Is your oven on the smaller side and you have a bunch of hungry guests waiting for pizza? Turns out, math is on your side. By cutting frozen pizzas into quarters and assembling them in this specific formation, you can bake two pizzas at once. Now that’s a time saver!

Another fruit hack involves extending the counter-life of your banana. If you find them ripening too quickly, it can be helpful to pull your bananas apart into single units. Wrap your bananas at the stem end with plastic wrap – this will contain the naturally-produced ethylene gas and keep your fruits fresh longer.

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