Imran Khan meets Ilhan Omar, internet asks what happened to US conspiracy

Former Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan on Wednesday met US Congresswoman Ilhan Omar at his residence in Bani Gala in Islamabad. The meeting comes weeks after Khan alleged a US conspiracy behind the fall of his government in Pakistan.

Shireen Mazari, a former minister in Imran Khan-led government, shared the image of the meeting and said both sides discussed issues of mutual interest.

However, the internet has called out Imran Khan for meeting a US representative after alleging US conspiracy behind the no-confidence vote against him in the Pakistan Assembly. One user called out Imran Khan for calling Pakistan Muslim League-N leaders who meet US officials ‘traitors’.

When one Twitter user sought “urgent justification” regarding Khan’s meeting with Omar, another user said, “So this would be 1) Interference visit 2) Conspiracy visit 3) Informal visit 4) Formal visit 5) one of the above 6) All of the above.”

On April 3, Imran Khan claimed that Donald Lu, the top American official dealing with South Asia in the US State Department, was involved in the alleged conspiracy to topple his government. His government then formed a commission led by a retired Army officer to investigate “foreign conspiracy” behind the no-confidence motion. The United States rejected the claims of involvement of ‘foreign powers’.

“There is no truth to these allegations,” a State Department spokesperson told India Today.

Later, Imran Khan became the first sitting prime minister in the history of Pakistan to be removed from office through a no-confidence motion. Shehbaz Sharif will serve as the new prime minister till the next general elections.


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