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Chandigarh, May 13

As a thoughtful gift to mothers on board, the Ministry of Railways on Mother’s day introduced baby berth for passengers travelling with babies to help ease their travel.

The berth was launched on an experimental basis in Lucknow Mail 12229/30, Coach 194129/B4 on berth number 12 and 60, respectively.

These baby berths measured 770 mm in length, 255 mm in width and 76.2 mm in height. The fitted baby berth, attached to the lower berth within the coach, is foldable and secured with a stopper.

Officials launched it as an experiment to gain passenger feedback and introduce the concept later in other trains, if successful.

The concept was still in the testing phase and hence, the berths could not be reserved just yet.

While the berth was introduced to facilitate ease of travel for mothers travelling with babies, the Internet was in splits as to how the blue print even passed. There were a few people appreciating the move while others pointed out flaws in the design.

In the post shared by the Ministry of Railways on Twitter, the baby berth can clearly be seen at the open front on the opposite side of the seat back.

Some users slammed the government for not consulting mothers before executing the layout.

Journalist Faye DSouza tweeted: “No moms were consulted in the making of this baby berth.”

Netizens pointed out that the berth looked uncomfortable for the mothers to get up and risky for the babies as they could easily roll and fall off.

While a few others called it a senseless design, some users also appreciated the railway ministry for the thoughful move and said such new innovations were the way forward.


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