Indonesia to impose stricter rules on Internet content

Indonesia is imposing stricter rules on Internet and social media platforms, Reuters has reported. The new rules will require companies to remove “unlawful” content within four hours after being “urgently” requested, otherwise the companies could face fines or criminal charges. Executives from online companies said the new measures are hard to comply with and could raise operation costs.

Indonesia proposes US$11 billion to promote sustainability

According to Jakarta Post, Indonesia’s Investment Ministry has launched 47 green projects worth IDR155 trillion (US$10.8 billion) in total to promote sustainability in the manufacturing, infrastructure, economic zones, and the tourism sector. However, the regulatory obstacles remain, ranging from licensing and land acquisition to high financing costs.

Vietnamese suppliers impacted by China’s lockdowns

According to Tuoi Tre News, the latest lockdown in Shenzhen, China has made shipping congestions worse at large Chinese ports. Vietnamese suppliers are seeing longer delays of their orders from China, which as a result is bringing up shipping costs. Many container ships are now re-routing to avoid delays.

Cryptocurrencies banned in Thailand and Malaysia as a payment method

According to Tech In Asia, Thailand Security and Exchange Commission has banned the use of cryptocurrencies as a medium of payment for goods and services. Meanwhile Malaysia’s deputy finance minister also said Malaysia will not legalize cryptocurrencies as legal tender due to many limitations such as price fluctuations and cybersecurity.

Singapore stays ahead by developing 6G network

According to CNA, Singapore is ramping up research and development of 6G cellular network by nearly SGD17 million, while the country aims to reach full 5G coverage by 2025. Singapore University of Technology and Design is setting up a lab to explore the capabilities to stay ahead. The 6G network is expected to operate 100 times faster than 5G and better integrate with metaverse.


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