Internet Amused by Woman Who Drove on Road Shoulder Directly Into Cop Car

While some people take the rules of the road with a grain of salt, one semi-truck driver recently took things into his own hands, and it landed one careless driver in a bad situation.

A semi-truck driver with the Reddit username “fmintar1” posted in the “Malicious Compliance” forum Tuesday about a “Karen” who seemed hell-bent on using the shoulder lane of a highway to avoid bumper-to-bumper traffic.

The poster said the traffic jam occurred on a two-lane after an accident occurred, and traffic was “creeping.” That was when he saw a “regular” vehicle speed past him to his right, in the shoulder lane typically meant only for police or emergency vehicles.

Traffic Jam
A woman who reportedly used the shoulder lane on a highway during a traffic jam crashed into a police vehicle.
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When a couple of other drivers tried to replicate the original vehicle, the semi-truck driver decided to move partially into the shoulder a bit to prevent passersby. At that point, he was occupying two lanes with his rig.

A police cruiser was situated a little up the road on the shoulder, he added.

“I got a few honks but I couldn’t care less,” he wrote. “If I’m suffering in a traffic jam, everyone should too as well. Shoulder isn’t for passing. As long as I didn’t see any flashing lights behind me, I’m not opening that shoulder. We’re crawling anyway.”

Then, he began hearing “very annoying and repetitive honks” on his left side and saw a woman with huge sunglasses and a ponytail. She was reportedly bending down in her seat yelling at the semi driver, “looking outraged.”

Both individuals rolled down their windows and had an exchange that boiled down to the semi-truck driver telling the woman not to drive on the shoulder, though the woman in question maintained it was legal to utilize that lane.

Remembering the police cruiser sitting idle, the driver said he let the woman cut in front of him so she could use the shoulder, but she didn’t know about the cruiser.

“What I didn’t take (into) account was how aggressive Karen was driving,” the semi driver wrote. “She cut the corner so quick without looking and ended up hitting the cruiser. It was so abrupt that I can [sic] hear the crash pretty loudly. I can also tell that the driver in front of me was gasping in shock as well.”

He said he had “never seen an officer” exit his vehicle that quickly, telling the woman to get out of her vehicle while yelling that the shoulder is for emergency use only. The woman seemed quite flustered, he added, as he kept on driving.

The poster said his company doesn’t utilize dash cameras. He also said he didn’t realize that some emergency vehicles don’t have flashing lights, in turn learning his own lesson.

When contacted by Newsweek, the semi-truck driver said he had nothing to add to his story other than for others “to not block the shoulder anymore.”

highway semi truck traffic collision
A semi-truck driver inadvertently played a role in a woman who crashed into the back of a police car while driving illegally on the road. Above, in this Monday, March 25, 2019, photo, cars and trucks travel on Interstate 5 near Olympia, Wash. A new study says that safety features such as automatic emergency braking and forward collision warnings could prevent more than 40 percent of crashes in which semis rear-end other vehicles.
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Redditors shared their own tales of driving angst, including some who used to get annoyed at others on the road. “Life is too short, let idiots be idiots,” one summed it up.

“I drive for me, to keep me safe and to get me to wherever I am going by the time I arrive,” they said. “So they break all the rules to get ahead by milliseconds, it’s not my problem. I will still get to where I am going in due course.”

“I know others have mentioned this but please don’t police the shoulder, let the professionals handle it,” another person said. “You never know when it will be someone having a real emergency and not just a jerk.”

Laws regarding driving on shoulders vary from state to state.

In 2019, a lawmaker in Massachusetts proposed to extend travel on a particular highway shoulder lane by an hour each in the morning and evening to ease congestion. He cited a traffic study that said Boston’s rush-hour traffic was worse than both New York and Los Angeles, according to Salem News.

Texas reportedly allows drivers to use shoulders in certain instances, including in order to stop, stand or park the vehicle; to accelerate before entering the travel lane; to decelerate before a right turn; or to avoid a collision, ABC13 reported.

In 2017, MLive reported that when asked if drivers can pass on the right shoulder of a two-lane road when another vehicle is making a left-hand turn, a Michigan State Police trooper said that was not allowed—especially if it’s a gravel shoulder, as is customary on many state roads.

As for motorcycles, one law firm says riding on the shoulder is illegal “in the vast majority of the United States.”

Last fall, it was reported that traffic deaths hit a 15-year high, credited to the pandemic and spikes in reckless driving.

In January, Pete Buttigieg outlined a plan to tackle traffic fatalities as a sharp increase was expected.

And in February, new federal guidance allowed states to use billions of dollars in federal highway money to implement road safety measures such as speed cameras.


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