Internet Backs Man for Disinviting Rude, Childish Guest From Game Night

The internet has come to the defense of a man who backed out of hosting game night due to a player’s girlfriend and her snarky remarks about how “messy” his house was.

In a viral post submitted to Reddit’s popular “AmITheA**hole” (AITA) forum, u/GillyeoWalters explained his side of the story so the AITA community could write their opinions on whether he should be considered the a**hole.

The Redditor explained that he hosts Dungeons and Dragons (DnD) nights with friends. The event had been going smoothly until one of the players asked if his girlfriend could come along.

Dungeons & Dragons is filled with endless magical storylines where friends can role play as their characters and many take the game very seriously. According to Forbes, 2020 was a big year for the game as the company announced that more than 50 million people have played it to-date.

“During the session she came across as very bored and constantly made loud sighing noises to, I guess, express her boredom, which was disruptive and, tbh, childish imo. She also had a very rude attitude in general and complained about the choice of snacks and drinks,” he wrote.

As the 34-year-old Reddit user logged into their group Discord, he noticed rude comments left by the player’s girlfriend.

“[She] was talking s**t behind my back, calling my place a ‘dirthole’ and me a ‘psycho’, as well as my husband a ‘creep.'” The user assumed that she wasn’t aware that he had access to the chat on the messaging system.

He briefly explained that he wouldn’t consider his house “untidy or dirty,” but has a side job creating paper flowers for events like weddings or funerals. The girlfriend ranted that she found it “creepy” that a 30-something would have flowers around his home.

He wasn’t sure why she called his husband a creep as the only reasons he could think of the 7-year difference in age bin his relationship or that his husband’s face is a bit different due to an unfortunate accident.

Later, all players asked him when the next DnD game night would be.

“I told them the date and also that the girlfriend was ‘invited not to come, since she felt so uncomfortable in my dirthole of a place,'” he said.

Angered by the comment, the player and his girlfriend argued back that the Redditor’s husband couldn’t be at the home during game night either.

“I called him an entitled prick and plainly stated, that I would no longer host the sessions anymore, as long as he wanted to bring her along,” he admitted.

Everyone that attended the DnD games have either chosen to side with the Redditor or decided not to get involved.

The AITA community were quick to comment their thoughts.

“NTA. She disrespected you, your spouse AND your home! Why on earth would you then invite that woman back in to your home? I also can’t understand why she’s upset by it when she was so clearly unhappy with the experience,” u/Substantial-Fox-4905 wrote in a popular comment with over 14,200 upvotes. “Those in the camp that want the drama to just go away need to realize that SHE created the drama. Therefore if she doesn’t attend anymore = no drama.”

“NTA, so some morons want to skip the drama and their solution is to invite a rude drama queen? Some of your friends do not sound too bright,” u/saf32rdsa commented.

“If they’re your friends they should care about you. Not just if the game nights continue. Don’t host. Don’t give in. Find better people to play with,” u/alexislynnie said, in part.

U/zZombi__ said, “She’s entitled and rude and so is her boyfriend. Also him saying “spouses” is bullshit if she’s his girlfriend and not wife. either way why is she offended if she doesn’t like it to begin with?”

“Your home is your safe space. Its the one place thats yours. Regardless of whether it’s a game group, friend group, or massive bag of Teddy bears, you decide who enters your home,” u/MistressCatNat wrote in part.

Friends playing board game
In a recent submission to Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, a man has asked if he should be considered the a**hole for not wanting to host game night over the rude comments that were said by a significant other of one of the players.
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