Internet Backs Man Secretly Eating Cake in Car To Avoid Sharing With Family

A husband and father has come clean about the fact he recently bought a piece of cake for himself and ate it alone in his car to make sure he didn’t have to share it with his family.

But while his wife was left unimpressed by his actions, fellow dads and parents alike across the internet could totally relate and even offered up a few handy tips to ensure next time he doesn’t get caught. A good marriage takes work. Add children into the mix and you’ve got a lot of work on your hands. For one doting dad recently, it all got a little too much.

In a post shared to Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole” forum, the flagging father described how recently he had been feeling like “a lot of things that were singularly mine before just aren’t” anymore.

“Wife steals my clothes, wife and kids steal my food, kids steal my phone,” he wrote. “I’m fine with it (most of the time), but I just needed one thing to myself without hurting feelings and making someone cry because everybody is sensitive in this house….including me.”

Eager to strike out and reassert some degree of independence, he hatched the perfect plan. “I bought a single-serve piece of cake and ate it in my car,” he wrote.

As he explained in the post, this was a piece of cake to be enjoyed “without any wife sneaking bits” or any “kids licking the chocolate from the top.”

There was just one problem—he got caught.

Now, he said his wife is “upset” with him for “going so far as to eat cake while hiding” in his car. When he tried to explain his reasoning, his other half dismissed him as being “dramatic.”

However, for the majority of people responding to the post, which has over 20,000 votes, it was a predicament they knew only too well.

SimplySam4210 said the husband had made a “rookie mistake” by not discarding the evidence. Speaking as someone who was with someone who “tried to eat everything” they bought, they suggested: “Next time, eat it in the parking lot of where you bought it and use the outside trash can to throw away the evidence.” Murky_Advice offered another helpful tip, writing: “Pay only in cash so the purchase can’t be seen/tracked.”

Others were eager to stress the dad was completely normal for wanting something to himself. “Literally every mother on the face of the earth has done this in the supermarket parking lot,” auntiecoagulent said. JustKindahappenedx went further, revealing they sometimes lock themselves in the bathroom to enjoy a treat to themselves.

“Sometimes I’m desperate,” they wrote. “As a partner and a parent, sometimes you just need something just for you.”

There were some who felt his actions may have been a little over the top, of course. BadTanJob asked: “Is it not common for children to be told ‘no, this is daddy’s, yours is here?'” However, hierophant007 had the perfect response noting: “It is common, but kids can be very persistent, especially when it comes to food and cake. Sometimes you just want to eat your cake in peace rather than being pestered every five seconds by a tiny human who ‘just wants one bite.'”

Dads are undoubtedly feeling the strain of modern parenting.

A 2017 survey of working dads revealed that 72 percent feel physically and emotionally worn out. Meanwhile, 67 percent of all working parents quizzed felt similarly fatigued.

A motorist eating a donut.
Stock image of a man eating a donut. On Reddit, a father and husband has come clean about his sweet treat habit.


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