Internet Backs Man Who Claims Boss Watched Him Use the Bathroom

The internet is outraged after a Reddit user claimed his boss followed him into the bathroom and watched him use a urinal at a close distance.

In a post on Reddit’s “Am I The A**hole,” u/StrangeFormula wrote that he used the bathroom while on the clock, and that his boss watched the entire thing. Explaining that he had been on bad terms with his boss “for a while,” and that, “the whole company hates him,” the Redditor said he tried to be quick, before being put in an uncomfortable situation.

“His door was open and he saw me walk past,” u/StrangeFormula wrote, adding that his boss “micromanages everyone” and “knew it wasn’t my break yet.”

According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration Restroom Break Laws, employers are required to “permit workers to leave their work area to use the restroom as needed,” and are prohibited, by law, to put “unreasonable restrictions on bathroom use.” The OSHA website also states that, while laws may vary on a state-to-state basis, “employers must also make sure that their restroom policy does not violate federal anti-discrimination laws.”

But u/StrangeFormula wrote that his boss took issue with him using the bathroom, and made his frustration very clear.

“I quickly ran up to the urinal … he walked in behind me and just stood like 7 or 8 feet behind me not saying anything,” u/StrangeFormula wrote. “When I was done, I looked at him and he was standing there with his arms crossed with this disappointed look on his face.”

Man with crossed arms
A Reddit user said he turned around to find his boss watching him with crossed arms after using a urinal.
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“I didn’t say anything, but it was terribly awkward,” he added.

u/StrangeFormuala’s original post garnered the attention of many Reddit users, and in just four hours, received over 25,000 interactions. Other Redditors commenting on the post were enraged. Many encouraged u/StrangeFormula to pursue legal action against his boss.

The post’s top comment, which has received more than 15,00 interactions, was simple, giving a clear label to the boss’s encroaching behavior. “That’s harassment,” u/p4madeus wrote.

“It is sexual harassment and he should absolutely get a lawyer,” u/FoxInSox2 added.

One commenter, however, explained that they were an attorney, and that further steps must be taken before taking legal action.

In a lengthy response to the original post, Reddit user u/AmITheFakeOne encouraged u/StrangeFormula to document the behavior, report the issue to his company’s human resources department and to possibly search for employment elsewhere.

“Document everything. Do nothing verbal, only in writing. Begin looking for a new job asap,” u/AmITheFakeOne wrote.


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