Internet Backs Mom Who Orders Takeout for Her Kids Every Time They Eat Out

A woman has taken to Reddit to share how she was lambasted for ordering take out in a restaurant for her children, and the internet has rallied round her in support.

In the lengthy post, shared to the discussion-based site by an account called Tatatertotter, the woman explained that her and her husband have two children aged 16 and 19.

She then revealed that every fortnight both parents go out with two other couples for dinner, leaving their kids at home.

For the last five years, while this arrangement has occurred, she has always had her teenagers “look at the menu to see if they want us to order them something and bring it home.”

However, for the first time a new couple had joined the party.

The wife took issue with the woman ordering two sushi rolls at the end of the dinner, saying “it was rude of us to order more food when everyone was getting ready to leave, and basically said it was trashy of us to get doggie bags for our kids when none of the other couples had.”

Her husband explained that “we do this all the time, and that if they wanted to leave, nothing is stopping them from doing that.

“The next day I got a text from my friends saying that this new couple did not enjoy going out with us, and that we embarrassed them (the new couple, not our friends) at the restaurant by ordering takeout food for our children.

The friend went on to add that they didn’t have a problem, but to avoid argument “asked that we not order takeout anymore for the kids” if the new couple were to join.

Standing her ground, the woman revealed she thought this was a rude request and asked the forum whether or not she was being unreasonable.

The story has gained lots of traction online since it was shared on December 20, having attracted more than 20,800 upvotes. Additionally, many people have rushed to the comments section to share their opinions on the woman’s actions.

Bravo!2 stated: “That new couple should just mind their own business. You getting takeout has nothing to do with them. I can’t even imagine what kind of alternate reality they live in to think that it would be “trashy”.”

Complex-Lemon-371 added: “Agreed. I think the couple felt embarrassed that they weren’t also taking something home for their kids, and that they were made to look “trashy.”

“Ridiculous. You should be able to go out with grown adults and not all do the same thing. The only thing trashy would have been to order for the kids and put it on one bill that was split between everyone.”

MommaGuy admitted: “If you are ordering at the end when everyone is leaving and you are paying for it why do they care so much? Do they need you to walk them to their car or hold their hands to cross the street? It’s none of their business if you bring takeout home.”

Level27jennybro typed: “But everybody is on a separate check so the couple wouldn’t have to wait for OP to pay their to-go bill. They would pay their own and leave.”

Sweet_Caterpillar150 commented: “Feeding your kids is trashy, now? Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot of trashy behavior around food, but I’m so puzzled what she thinks you did wrong. It sounds like you’ve never bothered ANYONE with these requests besides the new couple. It’s their problem.”

However, some wondered whether there was some confusion surrounding the situation, including Likesalovelycupoftea who asked: “I wondered if the new woman was mistaken about how the meal was going to be paid for, maybe thought they were all paying a share and didn’t want to pay for someone else’s takeout?”

A stock image of sushi take out. On Reddit a couple who order take out for their children were told off by another couple.


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