Internet Backs Teacher Who Changed Dyslexic Student’s Spelling Test Answer

A student-teacher revealed in a now-viral post that she “secretly” changed a student’s test answer so that the entire class could get a pizza party.

Posting in Reddit’s “Off My Chest” forum under the username u/Sakura_Eevee, the teacher explained that the student in question, Sam, has “severe dyslexia, and struggles with spelling.” The post has received more than 11,000 upvotes and roughly 400 comments, calling the teacher a “hero.”

According to LD OnLine, an educational service of public television station WETA in Washington, D.C., roughly 43.5 million Americans have dyslexia. Further, about two million children—around 3.5 percent of American students—receive “special education services for a reading disorder.”

While dyslexia can affect a person’s ability to read, the British Dyslexia Association said spelling “is one of the biggest, and most widely experienced difficulties for the dyslexic child and adult” that often “persists throughout life.”

Teacher grading test
A student teacher revealed in a now-viral post that she “secretly” changed a student’s test answer so that the entire class could have a pizza party.

In her post, u/Sakura_Eevee said her supervising teacher offered their students a pizza party if they could all get perfect scores on their spelling tests. Sam, of course, struggles with spelling. To make matters worse, another student named Gabby often “picks on” Sam because of it.

“After my teacher said ‘Let’s all work really hard to finally get that pizza party,’ Gabby shouted back ‘Can you make sure that Sam studies since she’s really bad at spelling?'” u/Sakura_Eevee wrote.

Though Sam “practiced really hard,” she started crying the morning of the test because “she didn’t want to be the only student to fail and ruin the pizza party.” Fortunately, u/Sakura_Eevee stepped in to make sure that didn’t happen.

“I start grading each test and it’s 100% after 100%. I am so proud of my students…But then I realize, I only collected 11 tests. Sam’s test is on my teacher’s desk,” u/Sakura_Eevee said.

“I go through her test and she is spelling all the words correctly. I never felt so proud. But then, it hits me. The very last word, which is always a ‘challenge word,’ is spelled wrong. She wrote ‘because’ as ‘becuase,'” u/Sakura_Eevee continued.

Not wanting Sam to be the one to “ruin” the pizza party, u/Sakura_Eevee “erased the ‘u’ and the ‘a’ and switched them.”

“Sam probably won’t notice. And I won’t tell Sam or she will feel bad. She will eventually learn how to spell ‘because.’ I need her to have her moment,” u/Sakura_Eevee concluded.

Commenters praised u/Sakura_Eevee for correcting the word, calling her a “hero.”

“You were given a choice to either create a beautiful moment or a dreadful one. You made the right decision. Also, as a fellow student teacher, rock on,” wrote u/ro2pi.

“The hero we needed. I’m so proud of you,” said u/UsefulEgg2.

“I cannot believe 100% is the only way these students can ‘pass,'” commented u/Curiousbird45. “[T]hank you for doing this for those kids. You’re a hero.”

Redditor u/azurdee added: “You are one of the reasons why Sam will continue trying. Keep up the great work.”

Newsweek has reached out to u/Sakura_Eevee for comment.

As it turns out, u/Sakura_Eevee isn’t the first teacher to go viral online in recent months. In March, a teacher who was roasted by her “savage” students went viral on TikTok, as did a teacher who was told by one of her students to “get help.”

And last month, a teacher beginning parents to discipline their children went viral on TikTok with more than 2.7 million views.


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