Internet Backs Woman, Called Police on Boyfriend’s Family for Trespassing

A post on social media has gone viral after the internet defended a woman for threatening to call the police on her boyfriend’s family who moved into her “holiday home” without permission.

Taken to Reddit’s “AmITheA**hole” forum, a woman wanted the opinion of the AITA community if she would be considered the a**hole if she were to call the authorities to kick the family out. The post has 15,000 upvotes and 2,000 comments.

The 28-year-old Reddit user explained that she inherited a holiday home after her grandmother passed away. She also said it’s a 5-hour drive from where she lives so she doesn’t stay there often. However, she does have a security system in place so she can tell if there’s someone on her property. She keeps the key to the home with all her other keys she and her boyfriend share.

The original poster (OP) had her boyfriend’s brother and wife over. They have four children together who all live in a small two-bedroom apartment. They got onto the subject on the holiday home and how it was a great place for his family.

Keys to new apartment
A Redditor asked the “AmITheA**hole” community if she would be considered an a**hole if she called the police on her boyfriend’s family for trespassing on her property. / Getty Images Plus

She wrote: “My exact response was: ‘Yeah but I’m not gonna let you live there so.’ He went quiet after that and his wife started to collect their kids and their things, they left about 10 minutes after. My boyfriend hasn’t said anything to me about the conversation, yet I’m feeling bad about my response because I know they really do need the space.”

Days later, when she realized that her boyfriend went to work, she noticed the keys to the holiday home were missing. Confused, she called until he answered, to which he explained he accidentally took the keys with him.

Later that day, she received a notification from the holiday home’s security camera where she found her boyfriend moving his brother and his family into the home.

The OP reacted out of anger when he returned home.

“I started screaming at him asking why the hell he’d move a family into MY house without my permission,” she wrote. “He tried to justify it and say he ‘had to help his family’, it honestly just made me more angry.”

She threatened to call the police to have them deal with the situation, leading to the couple not talking to one another.

In an edit, the Reddit user added that she did call the police and they came to her home to return the keys. After refusing to leave at first, they finally left. She then admitted she and her boyfriend have broken up.

“My EX boyfriend, his brother and his brother’s wife have been blowing up my phone asking why the hell I’d put them and their children through this, I’ve blocked them all,” she wrote.

Other Reddit users flood the comment section with their thoughts.

“Call the police now,” u/Pretend_Panda received the top comment with over 17,000 upvotes. “Do not procrastinate out of confusion and misplaced kindness any longer. This is a bad situation and the longer you delay addressing it the more complex and difficult it will become.”

They continued: “These are people who made conscious choices to deceive you and steal from you. You cannot trust them to behave reasonably or predictably. You need to get them out of your property, have the locks changed and pursue whatever legal action is available to you to ensure that they are sufficiently cowed to be unlikely to risk doing something this foolish again.”

U/bluemewrobin gave advice that could be helpful adding, “If they have still refused to leave, start getting an interim possession order (IPO) now and contact a lawyer and police. Also, visit the property and change all of the locks because they might have made key copies already.”


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