Internet Backs Woman Who Shared Bullies’ ‘Gross’ Messages With Their Moms

A post has gone viral on Reddit after a woman shared how she decided to combat the bullies she was facing in college.

Redditor u/Left_Wrap_5352 shared her tactic in a now viral post to the subreddit “Am I The A**hole,” which has now received over 19,000 votes.

The 18-year-old explains that she has been getting bullied and harassed by three men in one of her college classes, who started sending her “gross” messages and “nsfw” photos, which prompted her to take matters into her own hands.

“I should have reported them or just blocked them but I had, had enough so I screenshot every message they’d sent me and found their mothers through their facebook pages and sent screenshots to them including an explanation of who I am and how their sons have been bothering me,” she wrote.

College student bully
A post has gone viral on Reddit after a woman shared how she chose to combat her bullies. Above, a stock image shows a young woman looking upset while checking her phone and computer.
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She said after sharing the screenshots all three mothers were “horrified” and sided with the teen. The Redditor said that some friends thought the move was a step too far while others thought that it was “exactly what they deserved.”

According to a Pew Research Center report from last year, four in 10 American adults said they had experienced online harassment. Research found that harassment was particularly common in young adults. While men were somewhat more likely to have experienced harassment online, women were more likely to be sexually harassed online.

“Young women are particularly likely to have experienced sexual harassment online,” Pew Research found. “Fully 33% of women under 35 say they have been sexually harassed online, while 11% of men under 35 say the same.”

Many commenters applauded the Redditor’s move to call out her harassers by looping in their mothers.

“NTA. Each of these guys could potentially be charged criminally; instead, you told their mothers. I applaud you for employing a method that will ensure they have some kind of punishment from their families…,” one commenter wrote.

“This is chef’s-kiss perfection…,” wrote another.

In response to the Redditor’s explanation that some of her friends thought the move went too far, some commenters questioned why.

“…As for your friends who say you took it too far, I’d ask them how far they think the three guys have gone, and whether that’s too far? Then tell those ‘friends’ to eff off,” one commenter wrote.

“OP, never stop doing what you’re doing. Name and shame 100% of the time. These dudes are abusive [sh**heads] and you’re doing good work,” another wrote. “Always good to reconsider friendships in light of things like this. Anyone who isn’t supportive of you after being harassed can pound sand. The moms themselves are supportive of you! Not much else to say about that. NTA.”

In an edit to the post, the Redditor explained that when the men initially started bothering her it was “standard bullying” and she reported them, though they only received a warning. She said the behavior escalated with the photos and messages after she reported them, so she decided to take another approach.

Newsweek contacted u/Left_Wrap_5352 for comment.


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