Internet crimes against children on the rise in Southern Colorado

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (KKTV) – The Colorado Internet Crimes Against Children Unit in El Paso County says internet crimes against children is on the rise this year.

Last year the unit received 6,631 cyber-tips and made 39 arrests. So far, within the first three months of this year, the unit says they’ve gotten 1,873 cyber-tips.

The increase is making the unit use a resource unlike any other; an electronic detection dog named Luna Pixel.

K-9 Luna Pixel is used to find hidden cameras, computers, cell phones, and much more.

“She understands that she is looking for some for something specifically hidden. So if you have a cell phone or game boy that is only open, she’s going to ignore it,” said an uncover detective with the ICAC unit.

In 2020, Luna Pixel cracked a case after detectives couldn’t find where videos inside of a home were being taken.

“She had found a small little hole where we finally were able to figure out dad was put in the camera up against and that’s how he was videoing stepdaughter.”

ICAC detectives say their job is getting harder as technology advances. The unit says they are constantly training themselves on how social media and applications work.

The unit has started a vigilant parent initiative where they start conversations with parents about how they can protect their children from becoming a victim of a child sex crime. ICAC also educates teachers on how they too can notice red flags while students are in the classroom.

To request a vigilant parent initiative presentation, visit the ICAC web at,

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