Internet Divided After Mom’s Only Daughter Goes Prom Dress Shopping With Stepmom Instead Of Her

A mom sparked a debate online when she said she was “devastated” her only daughter went shopping for prom dresses with her stepmother instead of her.

The mother shared her story on Mumsnet, a UK-based internet forum that describes itself as being “by parents for parents,” under the username Sadma.

The woman was hurt when her daughter when prom dress shopping with her stepmom.

The woman says she has been looking forward to dress shopping for her daughter’s prom for a long time now.

Her daughter is her only child, so she won’t have a chance like this again.

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“Special days out we had planned for the Easter holidays, having researched and researched colors, styles, hair to match and looking forward to the magical day shopping with my girl, seeing her try on her first formal gowns, have the emotional rite of passage together,” the mother wrote.

She then points out how little care the stepmother seemed to put into picking out a good dress. She says the appointment lasted just over an hour and the dress they picked out is from a 2019 sale collection.

She also mentions that the stepmother has children of her that she can dress shop with when the time comes.

The mother says she “can’t help but feel so upset” about what happened and how that was her only chance to share that experience with her daughter.

“That first moment can never happen once it’s happened….. the first glimpse and to see her face trying dream dresses on,” she writes. “The one moment that can’t be recreated let alone replicated now the dress has been bought.”


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