Internet Freaks Out at Termite Infestation Video

One man’s discovery of termites at his home has shocked the internet after he shared a video of the unwelcome visitors online.

In a post on Reddit’s popular r/Wellthatsucks forum, Deion from South Florida—who uses the handle curiositykeepsmeup—said: “I’ve been hearing clicking sounds in my room for months and thought I was going crazy. Today I was replacing my bed frame and my toes cracked through the flooring. Needless to say, I have a termite infestation.”

In the video, lots of the creepy crawlies can be seen in the wood running around. Not a rare sight in the U.S. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) says that every year termites cause billions of dollars in structural damage—noting that property owners will spend over $2 billion treating them in one year. There are more than 2,000 species of termite, 50 of which can be found in the United States.

Termites are subterranean insects that feed on wood. Found all year round, they are remarkably similar to ants but can be incredibly destructive when they feed on wooden structures. Alongside wood, termites are attracted to moisture which means any cracks in building exteriors can cause a big termite problem.

Deion told Newsweek: “I discovered the infestation while rearranging my bedroom. When I took my bed frame out, my toes cracked through the wood flooring in a few places. That’s when they started swarming out of their tunnel.”

“You can borrow my flame thrower if you’d like,” wrote one commenter on the Reddit post that now has more than 30,000 upvotes.

Another commenter said: “Oh well that’s just lovely. What was your reaction when you saw them? Because I think I would scream lol.”

While there is no official government body that records termite numbers in the U.S., foundations repair company Groundworks lists the states with the worst risk of termite damage. Florida takes the top spot for most termite damage, followed by Georgia, South Carolina and Alabama.

Deion replied, saying: “I’ve never experienced heebie-jeebies the way I experienced it today.”

Termites in wood video
Pictures from the viral video of the termite infestation. The internet has been left shocked after seeing the footage.

“I currently have exterminators at my home treating my bedroom,” said Deion: “Which happened to be the only area in the house which was infested, and they are also treating the palm trees outside that bedroom.”

The EPA says the first thing to do if you have a termite infestation is to choose a pest control company that is licensed in your state. Often removed using pesticides, your state regulatory agency will determine what can be used in your area. The EPA says that it can be a good idea to ask to see the pesticide label—ensuring that the product is intended for controlling termites. The time required between treatment and being able to re-enter your residence can also vary, so it is important to be sure of this before you return home.

“Congratulations,” wrote another Redditor: “This is the worst thing I’ve seen all day.” Another commenter simply advised: “Burn your house.”

“That’s wild,” said another reply: “Hopefully the exterminator is able to get rid of them before they cause too much damage, they cause so many problems.”


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