Internet goes out for a few minutes at least twice a day

A couple of weeks ago, my internet connection through Xfinity goes out about twice a day for about 10 minutes. It comes back on its own. My modem and router are separate and I bought both through Amazon to avoid rental fees. Both are two years old. Router is xxx and the modem is xxx. Today the internet was out for 90 minutes. Cable TV through Xfinity works when this happens.


I called Xfinity about this twice before today. Neither tech knew what was happening. Second tech seemed more helpful. He said there are no reported outages in my area, but the signal seems very weak. He had me do an internet speed test on a wireless device. I explained that the internet is going out on my hardwired PC also, but he told me it still mattered for some reason. I performed the test and the speed was fine.


The same tech told me if I choose to have one of their techs come out to check for a problem and there’s something wrong on my end, I will be charged for the visit. So I’m coming here first to see if there’s anything I can do to diagnose what the issue is. I spoke to a tech today who told me the same thing. I checked if the router has the most updated firmware, and it does. All cables seem fine and are tight.



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